BLANDY’S Colheita SERCIAL 2008



  • Region: MADEIRA
  • Rodzaj: Madeira
  • Typ wina: półwytrawne, wzmacniane
  • Pojemność: 500ml
  • Szczepy: Sercial
  • Producent: BLANDY'S
  • Rocznik: 2008


Blandy’s distinguishes itself for being the only family, of all the original founders of the Madeira wine trade, which still owns and manages its own original wine company.


The grapes for this wine were harvested by hand, at Pomar Novo, in Jardim da Serra above Câmara de Lobos, on the south of Madeira. This area of the island is characterized by Andossolos-type soils, located in the highest parts of the island, above 400 meters, with an average content of organic matter, but deficient in most macronutrients. Even so, this soil type is good for agriculture. The vines are planted in a low trellis system, close to the ground, protecting them from the strong mountainous wind coming off the highest peaks. On average, this region has lower temperatures characteristic of these mountain altitudes that, together with this particular variety produces a wine of remarkable astringency and high acidity. 2008 was a year with problematic production, leading to a small harvest. This “Colheita” was aged in very old oak barrels using the traditional method called “Canteiro” (barrels supported on long beams), in the centuries-old Blandy’s Wine Lodge. Only 2.000 bottles were bottled.


Bright, open topaz colour with golden nuances. Characteristic intense and complex bouquet, with notes of candied citrus fruits, ginger and brandy. It has a vibrantly dry flavour, with very fresh notes of marmalade. Leaves a long and warm finish with notes of spice.


Alcohol  20%vol

Volumetric mass  997,6g/L

Total acidity 8,70g/L

Volatil acidity 0,60g/L

Reducing sugars 40g/L

PH 3/54

Be 0,3

Bottling year 2021

Bottles 50cL         2000

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