PIANO Moscatel do Douro Reserva (w tubie)



  • Region: DOURO
  • Rodzaj: Moscatel
  • Typ wina: półsłodkie, wzmacniane
  • Pojemność: 500ml
  • Szczepy: Moscatel Galego
  • Producent: CARLOS ALONSO
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100% Moscatel Galego Branco

Tasting Notes:

Beautiful golden color and intense aroma dominated by the noble oxidation of aging in wood. Dominated by intertwined layers of orange compote, floral notes characteristic of the variety, as well as exotic wood and dried fruits from its ageing. Its maturation in wood barrel has lent it great complexity, increasing its richness and nobility. Its mouthfeel presents a good balance between acidity and sweetness, full-bodied and with good structure. Persistent, long and delicate finish.


Its elegance goes extremely well with tapas, patés and foie gras or rich desserts.

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