• Region: DÃO
  • Rodzaj: czerwone
  • Typ wina: wytrawne
  • Pojemność: 750ml
  • Szczepy: Jaen, Tinta Pinheira, Alfrocheiro, Tinta Roriz


First Harvest: 2018
Owner: Amorim Family
Winemakers: Jorge Alves & Rodrigo Costa
Viticulture: Ana Mota

Grape Varieties: 40% Tinta Roriz; 20% Jaen; 20% Tinta Pinheira; 20% Alfrocheiro
Soils: Granitic
Zone: Silvã de Cima, Castendo
Production Mode: Integrated
Harvest: By hand
Average Yield: 5.500Kg/ha

100% vibration screening and destemmed Fermentation and ageing: 70% in stainless steel tanks and 30% in Nico Velo tulipe tanks for 15 months.
Alcohol: 13.5% Vol.
Bottling: February 2023

2021 Harvest
From September 8 to September 28
The atypical Spring proved to be quite cold. This factor, allied to the technical team’s decision to postpone pruning, led to a slight delay in the vegetation cycle, which made it possible to avoid production losses due to the late April frosts that occurred in the Dão wine demarcated region. The months between June and mid-August were hot and dry. In the Taboadella estate, with its specific micro-climate, surrounded by a forest, from mid-August onwards the high daytime temperatures were complemented by some nocturnal precipitation. This provided us with balanced evolution of the maturation, resulting in exceptionally high-quality grapes. We were thereby able to produce wines with a profile and richness that mirror this unique Terroir.

Made from four grape varieties, each with a great character, Villae red is a differentiating batch, forming what we may call the “perfect marriage”. Tinta Roriz provides structure and muscle, Jaen highlights its natural strength, Alfrocheiro brings minerality and Tinta Pinheira demonstrates the aromas of the forest and the wood.

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