• Region: DÃO
  • Rodzaj: białe
  • Typ wina: wytrawne
  • Pojemność: 750ml
  • Szczepy: Bical, Cerceal, Encruzado


First Harvest: 2019
Owner: Amorim Family
Winemakers: Jorge Alves & Rodrigo Costa
Viticulture: Ana Mota

Grape varieties: 30% Encruzado, 40% Bical and 30% Cerceal-Branco
Soils: Granitic
Zone: Silvã de Cima, Castendo
Production mode: Integrated
Harvest: By hand
Average Yield: 4500 Kg/Ha

100% Whole Cluster
Fermentation and Ageing: 80% in stainless steel tanks and 20% in cement Tulipe tanks, at low temperature.
Alcohol: 13.50% Vol.
Bottling: January 2023

From 06 September to 03 October
An atypical spring, initially quite cold, combined with the deliberate technical option to delay pruning, led to a delay in the overall harvest cycle, making it possible to avoid exposure to the late frosts that occurred in the first half of April, in the Dão Demarcated Wine Region. Flowering of the vines in the sunny weather propitiated generous formation of the grapes, giving rise to complete bunches. There was no
rainfall in June, July and August, with high daytime temperatures and mild nights, which permitted good development of the bunches. These thermal amplitudes in the perfectly planted and adapted vineyards, combined with the high level of water in the subsoil, enabled balanced evolution of the maturation process, and resulted in an exceptional quality of the grapes. The specific conditions of Taboadella’s microclimate enabled us to make wines with a profile and richness that reflect this unique terroir.
The white grapes benefited from a high concentration of aromas and structure in this
year of extraordinarily favourable climatic conditions.

The exuberance and transparency of the Encruzado grape variety, combined with the delicate floral aromas of Bical and the austerity of Cerceal-Branco, has allowed us to “design” a white wine with a unique profile.
With restrained and vibrant acidity, a linear structure of intense gravity and a long and full finish, Villae is a beautiful testimony to this

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